The mission of the Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit is to motivate and empower students to use their experiences as citizen leaders to advocate for social justice and equity on campus and throughout their respective communities.


  • Understand the meaning and scope of social justice
  • To deepen the understanding of dynamics of privilege and oppression at the individual, group, cultural, and systems levels.
  • Identify ways students can engage in promoting social justice and equity on campus and their respective communities
  • Explain how values of citizen leadership promote social justice
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue with a variety of educators who are similarly committed to equity

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define social justice in their own words and explain how it impacts their communities.
  • Define privilege in their own words.
  • Define oppression in their own words.
  • Identify 1 way oppression manifests itself at the individual, group, and cultural, and system levels.
  • Identify 1 way privilege/power manifests itself at the individual, group, cultural, and system levels.
  • Propose 2 social justice changes that can be implemented on their campus or respective community within this semester.
  • Enumerate 4 key values of citizen leadership and describe how they are essential in achieving social justice.
  • Record and reflect upon one provocative discussion from the day and commit to atleast one future action.
  • Identify one meaningful conversation you had and pick one person outside of the conference to continue this conversation with.
  • Identify one way oppression/privilege manifests itself in the digital age.


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