We are pleased to announce that Longwood University will be hosting its 3rd Annual Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit on February 22nd, 2014. Please join us for this empowering experience! This year we are excited to have Maura Cullen, renowned diversity educator, join us as our keynote speaker. Dr. Cullen is the author of “35 Dumb Things Well- Intended People Say” and has worked with over 500 organizations.

Our mission for this event is to motivate and encourage students to use their experiences as citizen leaders to advocate for social justice (change) and equality on campus and throughout their perspective and global communities. The Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit will achieve its mission by exposing students to the prevalence of social imbalances, as they exist within society; thus creating leaders who understand and acknowledge their role in limiting the perpetuation of unjust and inequitable practices towards all. We hope that you can join us for this event.

Promo Video for the 2014 Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit 

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